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Meet the Collective!

What is Collateral Collective?

Collateral Collective (COCO) is the first art collective that you don’t have to be an artist to join. Becoming a COCO Member Collector means that you are the catalyst that makes art happen. If you are passionate about art, then read on!

As a COCO Member Collector, you will enjoy exclusive access to COCO Artists at intimate, members-only events, where each artist will share their work, concepts and process. 

We understand that time is precious, and attending events and meetings can get overwhelming. COCO is also the first art collective to offer a robust, private, members-only online forum where relationships begun in person can continue online. You can stay in touch with your favorite artists and follow their work on your own time.

COCO Artists also collaborate with each other, and pitch their projects to COCO Collectors for investment. The diversity of our artists provides fertile ground for creating new, exciting work, and as a COCO Collector you get to make art happen!


What makes COCO unique?
  • COCO is the only art collective to have both in-real-life and a robust online experience, providing more potential for developing real connections.

  • Our artists can afford to spend more time with COCO Collectors because they know they are there to buy art; you won’t get the brief encounters, sound bites and repetitive pitches that you typically do at galleries and art fairs.

  • COCO provides direct, one-on-one access to artists that are all available for commissioned work; no awkward approaches or rejections

  • COCO hosts events that aren’t only fun, but also informative. COCO Collectors will learn a lot about art, the latest trends in the art world, and what it’s like working with artists. You will forge lasting relationships with the artists and each other - COCO is a COMMUNITY.

  • COCO Artists receive 80% of the sale price; the COCO model keeps overhead low by sharing space with an established business. COCO Admin facilitates and supports only; we don’t “represent” the artists - they represent themselves.

  • COCO Artists can collaborate with each other, and pitch projects to COCO Collectors for funding. This turns COCO into an art machine, and COCO members are the fuel!

The COCO Difference

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