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COCO Member Artists host a variety of events intended to expand our perception and experience of art. Whether it's regular COCO Salon Series events where the artist(s) present their work in their own words, performance events that test the limits of traditional art forms, or more "academic" panel discussions that explore current topics in art & design, COCO events help us learn more about art and the artists themselves.

Although eventually COCO events will be limited to members only, for a limited time during our launch the public is invited. While our events are amazing and fun(!!), the goal of COCO membership is always to buy art. At every COCO event, the featured artists will be available for conversation and open to commissioned work.


Become a COCO Member Collector at an event, and any paid admission will be rolled in to your membership fee - and all future events will be free or at a substantial discount!

Becoming a COCO Member means you're an important part of the COCO Community, where everyone has the opportunity to learn about art and each other - join us!

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