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What is Collateral Collective?

Collateral Collective (COCO) is a new kind of art collective that anyone who is passionate about art can join. For the first time, artists and collectors are being brought together to make art happen.


The participation of COCO Collectors in the Collective ensures that each transaction results in work that is original and unique, representing a special connection between Artist and Collector that cannot be duplicated.

How much is it to be a member?

$75 per year

How much money do I have to spend on art?

There is no fixed minimum, but we do recommend $2,000 as a good start. You can split it up among several works by different artists, or spend it on one piece. You can also always spend more!

What if I don’t spend my minimum within the year?

We doubt that will happen, but if it simply wasn’t the right fit we won’t come after you. COCO Admin will be here, always available to help and advise. We’ll follow your involvement, and if we see that you haven’t been making purchases we will do everything we can to help you find what your looking for. If you can’t, no harm no foul.


All we ask is that when you join, you do so with a good faith intention to buy art.

Is COCO a non-profit?

No; Collateral Collective is a for-profit entity. However, 5% of all gross art sales goes directly to Vanguard Culture, a 501c(3) dedicated to advancing San Diego's creative industries.


By becoming a COCO Collector you support artists in the best way you possibly can: by buying their work. As a bonus, you’ll also be supporting industry professionals from the visual, performing, and culinary arts through one of San Diego’s premier non-profit arts organizations!

Not all of your artists make art that I can hang on my wall; how can I buy it?

All of our artists have ideas for collectors, and you can learn more by attending one of our Meet the Artist Receptions. Imagine having your own poem, or a piece of music written just for you. Maybe you have a vision of a film or a performance, or maybe you’d like to try your hand at being in a film or a performance! The options are endless!

Okay - you sold me! How do I join?

Membership is now open! Click here to start the process and become the catalyst to MAKE ART HAPPEN!

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