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COCO Membership Policies
  • All COCO Member Collectors are expected to join with a good faith intention to buy art. The suggested starting budget is $2,000/year. While this is not a binding commitment, and Collateral Collective will not take your money if you don't buy art, COCO does reserve the right to terminate any membership, without refund, if it becomes apparent that the member does not intend to purchase art.
  • We accept cash, checks and money orders free of charge. Credit/debit card transactions will incur a 3% fee. California Sales Tax of 7.75% will be added to all transactions. These fees do not count toward your COCO Member Collector art budget. 
  • Collateral Collective is a new concept, for all of us. We want to hear your ideas and impressions, to help us grow.
  • As a new concept, there might be some bumps along the way. There is much that we need to do manually; it's such a new concept that we need to create workarounds when we can't find a standard solution. Please be patient; as we grow we will have more opportunities for custom features.
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