Apr 28

The People's Opera House Project Trailer Video



The People’s Opera House is a dance and audio-visual collaboration between choreographer Aurora Lagattuta and video and installation artist, Tony Allard.

An immersive performance installation, which combines choreographed and improvised dance, real time and pre-recorded video projections, live audio mixing, digital drawing and animation on mobile devices, The People's Opera House is an experiment in crowd-sourced creativity and democratized virtuosity.


Credits: Date & Location: January 16, 2016 As part of Malashock Dance’s Engagement Ring Series At the Dance Place, Liberty Station, San Diego


Direction & Choreography by Aurora Lagattuta


Video & Audio & Technical by Tony Allard


Performancers by room: Libretto Room Performers Alice Astarita Anna Covici The People Musicians Naomi Bartus, Jonathan Blake, & ?_________


Rock Room Performers: Jade Solan & The People Musician: Jamie Shadowlight

Buffa Elevator Performers: Edgar Avila-Casillas & The People


Cloud Room Performers: Shannon Walsh, Cynthia Gutierrez & The People Musician Nina Leilani & Marina Martin


Ascension Chamber Performers: The People Musician Kimo


Prima Diva Room Performers: Rachel Torres, Ian Isles, Alisha Solan & The People Musicians: Erik Herrera & Matt Larson Digital Drawing: Doris Bitar


And a special thanks to all our Opera House Guides


Documentary Video Edited by Eric George Tony Allard


Videographers Tony Allard Eric George Aurora Lagattuta Lara Segura Blake Raynor


A very special thanks to Malashock Dance for their support of this project

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